It starts here….

This blog is for all those people who love and respect Cricket and also for those who don’t. The game of cricket binds the whole world together just like all the other sports. The love, sportsmanship, respect and humanity are the answers to bring peace in the world and hope we get it soon.

There once was a quote from Bernard Shaw stating “Cricket is a game played by fools”. If that’s so, you can call me one. But this does not change anything for those who love and respect the game with true spirit and sportsmanship.

Cricket is a unique game where in addition to the laws, the players must stand by the “Spirit of the Game”. The standard of sportsmanship has given this sport a name as “The Gentlemen’s Game”.

In the last few decades though, cricket has become increasingly fast-paced and competitive. But the players are still expected to accept and respect the umpire’s decision without any argument. In addition to this, some batsmen have been known to “walk” when they think they are out even if the umpire does not declare them out. This is a high level of sportsmanship, as a batsman can easily take advantage of incorrect umpiring decisions.

Cricket has had an influence on the culture of all the cricketing nations, especially the English and the Indians. There have been many cricket films too. Being an Indian, i understand the love, respect and gratitude amongst the people of the nation for cricket. We say in India, “Cricket is our religion and Sachin Tendulkar is our God”. I could not keep him away when we are talking about Cricket. I grew up watching him and shouting Sachin….Sachin when he used to play. A blog from me, completely dedicated to the “God of Cricket” is surely on the way. 

Till then, thanks for reading and be assured “there’s more to come”.


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